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Gavin The Fish!


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cat people: dogs are cool too
dog people: cats don’t feel love did you know a cat once MURDERED my MOTHER

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i hit rock bottom like every 2 weeks

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Nicki Minaj’s Reaction…

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Loving this concept

Am I the only one questioning why this is being praised? This is not okay. This is wrong. 

You don’t gain self worth by dehumanizing others. 

Stop it. 

Go tell someone who cares!!!!

this….. isnt actual feminism tho
then we wonder why feminists get a bad rap.. its because we get ppl who think that feminism is women being superior like……………….. no thats not how it works

[crying men noises] get over it i mean really :P stop acting like men having their feelings hurt is the same as women getting raped/attacked/sexually harassed because of their sex and gender! :P people who identify as women/people w/ vaginas have been oppressed and attacked their whole life and them venting on a fucking personal blog about their past life is not the same as men threatening women/shooting women/raping women/etc. Get over it. Get over it. Stop whining. Let ppl vent about their past. Stop saying “hate breeds hate” and all that shit cause cis men can’t fucking take reality and the fact that women/ppl w/ vaginas are sick of being treated like props and objects and trash!!! thanks!!!

but…….. this isnt feminism……

also im a 14 year old girl?????????????

I’ve tried to stay out of this fight long enough but now I’m just gonna butt in.

No, you are right, men getting their feelings hurt is not the same as women actually being hurt. However, two wrongs don’t make right. 

Feminism should be about leveling the scales and reminding people we are all human and no one is worth less than anyone else. If this what people believe feminism is then they will never turn to it. First impressions do matter and if this was the first impression someone got then they aren’t very likely to support the ideas.

I’m not saying that men (I being one myself) cannot be trash or foul people, the point is though, saying all men are sexist pigs is the same as saying all feminist are hateful monsters. Neither of these things are true.

I consider myself a male feminist, I want to see everyone get the equality that they deserve regardless of sex, race, etc. I am well aware though, that the act of dehumanizing an entire group of people makes feminists seem like they are hate-mongers which they are not.

If a person considers themself a feminist then they should try to end hatred like this regardless of whom it is aimed at. I state again that making some hateful comments is not even in the same neighborhood as any form of physical abuse done towards a person. With that in mind though, hatred is still not an okay think, venting about problems and treating people as garbage are two different things.

I understand that some of you who read this, if not a good number of people, are probably going to hate me after this, but please I ask that you try to keep in mind that ancient rule which we seem to have forgotten:

Treat others as you wish to be treated.

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This gave me fucking goosebumps.

I will always reblog this.

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Classic Hollywood Bloopers

And the greatest Hollywood blooper of all time:

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This made my week.

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Ok guys can we have a chat about coding?

Coding is when characteristics of certain people/groups are applied to entities in media, oftentimes nonhuman characters. This is often a sort of subtle allegory to make a point or present a counterpart in a fantasy setting. Sometimes it takes the form of “monster culture,” where these stereotypical characteristics are applied to villains to demonize certain groups (you see this a lot with villains who take on stereotypical traits of marginalized groups such as LGBT people, or Jewish people for example). Sometimes it’s simply allegory.

Let’s look at these images as examples. Garnet is an alien with brown skin, an afro, and voiced by black english singer Estelle. So, it’s clear to see she’s coded as a black woman in spite of being an alien. The picture next to that is from the PBS kids show Arthur, portraying two characters in Senegal. They’re clearly animals, but they’re also Senegalese, so it can be inferred they’re coded as black Africans. They are relatives of another character on the show, The Brain, who is a bear. But in the show, he has family in Africa, and celebrates kwanzaa. It can be inferred he’s black as well.

Then Sagwa. This is about a family of siamese cats who lives in China sometime around the era of the Qing dynasty (I believe). They work for a magistrate and make calligraphy with their tails. They’re cats, but are coded by their environment and characterization as being Chinese. 

And the list goes on (The Between the Lions lions being African, Rosita and Quetzal being Mexican, etc)

So there’s a problem when you see a character like Garnet and go “she’s not black, she’s a gem!” Sure, in a literal sense. But she’s clearly CODED as a black woman. 

This ALSO plays into why you can’t arbitrarily assign certain coding to certain things and not take context and connotations into account. 

I hope this made sense.

yeah but they don’t have to be mexicanthey could be cuban or spanish or brazilianpls don’t catagorize all of the hispanics to just mexican.”

an understadable issue but!! i say mexican specifically for a reason

quetzal is named after the Aztec deity quetzalcoatl and has been referred to as having mexican coding on other sites such as the show’s wikipedia page. and if memory serves the show’s two main human characters are also canonically mexican.

rosita is much more clear cut, specifically stated in sesame street canon to be a monster who comes from mexico. 

thank u for this

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